Learn How To Play Piano – Online Piano Lessons & 8 Tips Every Beginner Should Know

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Learn How To Play Piano – Online Piano Lessons & 8 Tips Every Beginner Should Know

If you want to start playing piano I want to tell you that it is an amazing investment of your time, and you'll never regret it. Learning how to play piano is one of the most fulfilling things you can do with your life, in my opinion. Getting over the first few months of learning and getting into a practice routine can be tough though, so I wanted to create this video to help you beginners out. Watch the whole video for some great tips that should get you motivated and give you a little primer about what you're in for. The link above is a site that I'd recommend learning piano from. They're online piano lessons you can download. You don't need a private teacher to learn how to play – you just need to know the correct way to practice, which is what will make you better anyway. 30$ for a private teacher won't make you better, frankly, and a lot of people quit because getting private lessons takes the fun out of musical instruments for many people. I have a vested interest in the website above by the way – it is a really good place to learn piano and it makes it easy and cheap. So check out the link above for online piano lessons and you can download them right now from the site and start practicing. Good luck and I hope you like the video!

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