Lounge Lizard Ep3 – The Best “virtual” Piano Rhodes

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Hi guys!!! 🙂

I wanted share with all You this great Virtual Instrument that can emulate the legendary "Fender Rhodes" piano with such precision…
… this vst can be "sounds" too metter but I'm not an expert with settings, I don't have a real "Fender Rhodes"… damn it..


The audio track that You listen is just my little "shredding" and searchin' atmosphere for a bit…
I don't like "try, try, and re-try" a good phrase to upload, I'm a "first one" musician…

Jon Lord, storical Deep Purple organist, "teach me" this truesness;
That is the way to "improvise", first one, mistakes included!! 😉
(because that moment, THAT MOMENT is really important, after is yet lost)

I hope that my little DEMO can suggest many musicians to "check" this software to "taste" in their hands and "free"… xD
OF COURSE, the "real thing", the real Fender Rhodes is the original, nothing can sound like "Him"!!!
but for quickly fun I think this little software is the best!!!

Enjoy and keep on Your music, thanks at all!!! :)))

P.S. Very soon I'll upload other Deep Purple stuff "tributed" by me…


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  1. vistacruiser70s

    06/05/2014 at 9:43 PM

    Purgatory creek Rhodes is all you need to know and it’s free.

  2. William McFadden

    09/20/2014 at 5:15 PM

    sounds distorted..