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How To Play Bebop – Jazz Piano Lesson

How To Play BeBop – Jazz Piano Lesson
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Here is how I play bebop and how you can do the same.
The bebop style is very fun to play, but it requires a lot of practicing to be able to play in faster tempos.

I have not practiced so much the bebop scale to be able to play like this, but many people swear to the bebop scale. I like better to work with the chromatic scale as well as circling around notes.


How To Play Jazz Piano Chords: Substitution Lesson 1

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In many jazz tunes you'll see dominant chords being played for long periods of time. You'll see this in songs like There Is No Greater Love, I Got Rhythm, Sweet Georgia Brown, Cherokee, Donna Lee, Confirmation, Indiana, Passion Dance, etc, .

This jazz piano chords tutorial will show you how to make those areas more harmonically interesting. We use the jazz tune There Is No Greater Love as our example tune in this jazz piano lesson.


How To Improvise Jazz Piano. Part 1. The Bebop Scale.

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How to play jazz piano. The use of the dominant bebop scale, and de jazz melodic minor with their half step rules and the use of broken chords to play jazz piano solos. For more information visit our blog at


Jazz Piano Hack: A Big Secret To Playing Jazz Piano Tutorial : Use Perfect 4th In Your Chords

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The Jazz Piano Hack 101

Imagine if you could sound like Herbie Hancock? This tutorial might just help you get there.

This great hack unlock many key secrets to playing Jazz Piano. Give it a try today.

Playing Jazz Piano doesn't have to be a fruitless "Music Theory" drill. The truth is when you are improvising there is no time to think about theory.

This simple trick will allow you to construct amazing passing chords and create the sounds you hear you favourite jazz pianists play on our favourite records.