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How To Play Bebop – Jazz Piano Lesson

How To Play BeBop – Jazz Piano Lesson
Download the exercises for this lesson here:

Here is how I play bebop and how you can do the same.
The bebop style is very fun to play, but it requires a lot of practicing to be able to play in faster tempos.

I have not practiced so much the bebop scale to be able to play like this, but many people swear to the bebop scale. I like better to work with the chromatic scale as well as circling around notes.


The Hand-stretcher Chord Progression (using Modified Kenny Barron Voicings)

Download the sheet music to 5 more sweet progressions here:

Download the 'Best Chords In The World' ebook at:

Watch the complete 'Sweet Jazz Piano Chords' video (19 minutes) here:

0:28 The 'Hand-Stretch Progression' itself
0:45 Kenny Barron 11th voicing (major and minor)
3:19 Modifying the KB voicing
8:17 Final Words


How To Play Modern Jazz Piano Chords

In this video, I break down a modern jazz vamp I composed that uses modern jazz voicings and chord progressions.

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Jazz Piano Improvisation Exercise – Dorian Mode

In this video I introduce dorian mode and demonstrate an exercise that can help you get used to its sound when incorporating it into jazz and blues piano playing and improvisation.

When learning to play the piano, we normally use simple major and minor scales. A mode is just a particular type of scale. For example, dorian mode is almost identical to a minor scale, except that the minor sixth is replaced with a major sixth. Dorian mode is useful because it creates an interesting and distinctive sound which works really well with jazz and blues piano, and songs in minor keys.


“the Most Amazing Jazz Scale”, Cosmic Symmetry In Music.

Exploring the Diminished Scale and it's partner, the Altered Dominant 7th Scale. An 8 note symmetrical scale that can be played over both dominant 7th chords and diminished chords. A versatile scale that will introduce a variety of harmonic possibilities to the upper structure of a chord. Also discussed in detail is the 3 families of altered dominant chords (diminished chords) and how they are linked with a common scale. This scale defines the sound of jazz improvisation. Please go to my website for free music downloads and to view my book.


The Jazz Piano Course: From Beginner To Pro – Lesson 01 (functional Harmony)

Welcome to the first video in my full jazz piano course series!

I hope to create a full set of lessons (released approximately once a month) which will take you from a relatively beginning stage to a more advanced harmonic and melodic understanding of jazz piano. We're going to delve deep into theory over time, so come and join me for the ride!

I know it's very tempting to skip over the first videos and get to the "good stuff", but please take a little bit of time to review them anyway and make sure you internalize the ideas of functional harmony, tension and so forth before moving on.


Comping, The Art Of Accompaniment, Jazz Piano Tutorial

"Comping", or the Art of Accompaniment for Jazz Piano. includes detailed description of 3 hand positions for comping and rhythmns for backing up singers or playing in a band. Comping is a term in jazz to describe the chords, rhythms, and countermelodies that keyboard players (piano or organ) or guitar players use to support a jazz musician's improvised solo or melody lines. Comping applied to the song "Don't Blame Me". by Jimmy McHugh and Dorothy Fields. Please see my book, Jazz Piano Methods and Songbook on my website for more jazz theory.


“the Autumn Leaves” Jazz, Latin , And Ballad Versions. Piano Tutorial

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The famous standard "Autumn Leaves" is given 3 different treatments, Jazz (swing), Latin (Bossa), and Ballad. A song written in 1945 by Joseph Kosma with lyrics by Jacues Prevert. This tutorial explains the use of jazz phrasing, syncopation, and swing 8th notes. Please check out my book and website here:


5 Free Pieces Of Jazz Piano Sheet Music

DOWNLOAD #1: 7 Sweet Chord Progressions (sheet music)

DOWNLOAD #2: 5 Jazz Piano Endings (sheet music)

DOWNLOAD #3: Interval Trainer MP3 tracks

DOWNLOAD #4: Merry Little Christmas ebook

DOWNLOAD #5: 5 Note Extravaganza (sheet music + backing track)

These downloads are my gift to you. Feel free to share these with your friends.

Thank you for watching and enjoy the sheet music!



Summertime: Beginner Jazz Piano Tutorial

To get immediate access to the rest of this Summertime jazz piano tutorial and over 16 hours more of the most in depth jazz piano lessons online go to the link above.

You'll get full notated sheet music
Backing jam tracks
MIDI files
Hours of additional chord lessons
Tons of song tutorials
Jazz improv lessons
Jazz lick lesson
And much more

There are actually 3 complete arrangements of Summertime. This is one of the easy jazz piano arrangements from the course.