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Mortal Combat Theme On Virtual Piano

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Had to try, i know i missed few pauses. Sheet below:

ppsp dp fd
ssfs hs fs
ooao so sa
iipi ai ap

ppsp dp fd
ssfs hs fs
ooao so sa
iipi ai ap

pppp os
pppp ou
pppp os
pppp ppp pp

pppp os
pppp ou
pppp os
pppp ppp pp



Video Game Piano Songs


i was gonna put up just halo by itself, but i remembered how much my old video game thing sucked so i decided to redo those songs. i also had about 350 comments on the other one informing me how much i suck at playing mario, so i left it out. songlist in order is

1. theme from Halo (i play under freegem sometimes on xbox live)
2. One winged angel – sephiroth's theme from final fantasy VII
3. Ukelele de Chocobo – chocobo song from Final Fantasy IX
4. main theme from Zelda
5. saria's song/lost village theme from Zelda, ocarina of time
6. mortal kombat
7. theme from james bond – goldeneye, tying halo for the best multiplayer evar
8. tetris
all ur base r belong to us, lol ;;' ;

Playing Famous Soundtracks With Electronic Piano 2.5

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Playing famous Soundtracks with Electronic Piano 2.5

Electronic Piano 2.5
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Black Metal Piano / Keyboard Tracks Part 6

A selection of some of my favourite Black Metal Piano / Keyboard (Intros, Interludes, Outros) tracks.

A tribute to the art of Zdzislaw Beksinski


Dødsengel – Åpenbaring
Nokturnal Mortum – Tnematset Wen Nocturnal Mortal
Helvetespine – Postludium – Den Siste Natt
Igric – By The Dawn Of The Autumn Sun
Eterul – In a Desert of Parallel Realities
Pensées Nocturnes – Suivant
Vannvidd – Bloodmark 3
De Occulta Philosophia – Seventh Poseidon's Siren
Forn Valdyrheim – Autumn Embark
Miserere Luminis – Cineris

How To Play The Mortal Kombat Theme On Keyboard/piano – Very Easy!

The title basically says it all. I figured this song out by ear, so I've got no clue what the notes are. I only know how to play this song, so if you need notes, please try and figure them out yourself. If it helped, the White key to the left of the two Black keys in the middle is a C.
Anyway, thanks for viewing.

World Of Warcraft-stormwind (piano) Synthesia

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World of Warcraft-Stormwind.midi pls rate this video
download midi file here
World of Warcraft – MoonFall (piano)
World of Warcraft – Outland [Alliance Base] (piano)
World of Warcraft-silvermoon theme piano
World of Warcraft-Arthas my son (Piano)
World of Warcraft – Song of Elune (piano)

How To Play Mortal Kombat On Piano!

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This is how to play mortal kombat. If there are any suggestions to what i should do for my next song, put them in the comments!