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Sword Art Online Ost – Beautiful Relaxing Piano Covers (full Album) ソードアートオンライン ピアノ Bgm

Relaxing Piano Covers by Cat Trumpet・Sword Art Online OST – Beautiful Relaxing Piano Covers (full album) ソードアートオンライン ピアノ
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Basic Piano Melody: Sword Art Online Ed 2 – Overfly

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Song: Overfly – By Haruna Luna
From: Sword Art Online – Ending 2
Played by Coolmikeol

Overfly (original speed) – 0:12
Overfly (Slow ver.) – 1:44

This video is to show how to play the basic melody of this song. This is a basic piano video and not a piano skill video, so please stop saying that it's not good, because it's not meant to be all pro like all the other videos you see on YouTube, it's for people who can't play piano that well to be able try to play a bit and enjoy piano. I learn the melodies of the songs by ear (meaning I don't use sheet music) and play them at a slower speed for others to like and learn. There may be some mistakes but hey, no ones perfect.

Overfly – Sword Art Online (ending 2) [piano Tutorial] (synthesia) //theishter

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Enjoy this great ending theme from "Sword Art Online" by TehIshter! Can't wait for a new season!

Composer(s): Ryosuke Shigenaga

Arrangement © TheIshter (2012)
Original Music © SME Records (2012)

[full] Sword Art Online 2 Ed: Startear (piano Cover) + Lyrics + English Translation -haruna Luna

ソードアート・オンライン 2 Ed: Startear
Sword Art Online 2 Ed: Startear
刀劍神域 2 Ed: Startear
Artist: 春奈るな Haruna Luna
Piano Arranged and Performed by : KZMAC

Piano with BGM + Chinese Translation here:

Short Version Sheet:

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Sword Art Online Ed2: Overfly (viola + Piano) Ft. Tehishter

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Happy listening, everyone!

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Hey everyone!

Ishy-kun and I worked very hard on this collab, and we really hope you guys enjoy listening to it! 🙂

Thanks, Ishy for being so flexible with me, and for editing the beautiful video! Love yaaa ^__^~ This is like the third collaboration we've done so far, hehe!

Sword Art Online Op 2 – Innocence – Aoi Eir – Full Version Piano With Lyrics

「INNOCENCE」 – 藍井エイル
ソードアート・オンライン Sword Art Online Op 2 刀劍神域 Op 2
Full Version – Piano ….no vocal
即興演奏 / Played by ears / Sorry, no music sheets
Arranged and Performed by : KZMAC

Piano with vocal version here:

感謝aoos23412 提供歌詞和中文翻譯 (Special Thanks to aoos23412 for lyrics and chinese translation) :

I Edited with Romaji lyrics this time…You can sing along!~ ^___^;

【full】 Sword Art Online 2 Op: Ignite Piano Cover With Lyrics ソードアートオンライン 2 Op: Ignite

ソードアート・オンライン 2 Op : Ignite
Sword Art Online 2 Op: Ignite
刀劍神域 2 Op: Ignite
Artist: 藍井エイル – Aoi Eir
Piano Arranged and Performed by : KZMAC

Enjoy the music I hope~

Piano with BGM:

歌詞+中文翻譯 Lyrics and Translation
Special Thanks to:

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Sword Art Online Op 1 : Crossing Field Piano Full Version -lisa ソードアート・オンライン

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LiSA- Crossing Field Full Piano Version
From anime: Sword Art Online ソードアート・オンライン Op
Played by ear, sorry no music sheets
Piano Version arranged and performed by KZMAC

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Sword Art Online Ed 2 – Overfly (viola, Piano) Ft. Xclassicalcatx

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Big BIG thanks to xclassicalcatx for taking her time to collab with me! It's definitely fitting to have her viola sound to accompany me, since it's basically the instrumental counterpart of Haruna Luna's voice (like how I think Chihara Minori's voice is like that of a Bosendorfer piano in terms of timbre :P)