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Pearl Concert Grand: Virtual Piano Walkthrough & Demonstration With Zircon


Pearl Concert Grand is the new flagship grand piano instrument from Impact Soundworks. Designed for the free KONTAKT PLAYER plugin, it features a deeply-sampled Yamaha C7 with four microphone positions, 8 dynamic layers, 2 round robin variations, chromatic sampling, key release noises,

This has become my new go-to piano instrument for all types of music, from EDM (atmospheric dream pianos) to orchestral, classical, jazz and much more.


Playing Piano On A Samplerbox (raspberrypi-powered Sampler)

Directly recorded from AUDIO OUT of the SamplerBox.

SamplerBox ( ) is a hardware sampler.

* Open source / open hardware project
* Drop'n'play sampler: drop .WAV samples on the SD card, and play!
* Raspberry Pi 2 computer inside!
* Cheap: costs less than 99€ to make it
* Booting time: 10 seconds
* Polyphony: more than 128 voices
* Low latency
* Memory: can load sample-sets up to 1 GB