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Sword Art Online Ost – Beautiful Relaxing Piano Covers (full Album) ソードアートオンライン ピアノ Bgm

Relaxing Piano Covers by Cat Trumpet・Sword Art Online OST – Beautiful Relaxing Piano Covers (full album) ソードアートオンライン ピアノ
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Sword Art Online Op – Crossing Field (piano + Viola) Ft. Tehishter

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A big thank-you to TehIshter for letting me use his piano part! 😀
His channel:

Enjoy! This piece took me a while…



Sword Art Online Op 2 – Innocence (piano Transcription)

Sword Art Online OP 2 – Innocence
ソードアート・オンライン OP 2 – Innocence


Here's the 2nd OP of Sword Art Online~ The new OP and ED are very good (I'll stay quiet about the anime though).

Again, I'm still enjoying the line up for this fall season anime. Looking good so far, with a mix of dark and serious anime (Psycho-Pass, BTOOOM!) along with surprisingly enjoyable moe and light hearted anime (Chuunibyou, Tonari). I'm very satisfied.

Sword Art Online Op – Crossing Field (piano Transcription)

Sword Art Online OP – crossing field
SAO OP – crossing field by LiSA
ソードアート・オンライン OP


I've bought a new lens! It's the 50mm f/1.8 Canon lens. I had to change the camera angle because this is a fixed zoom lens (and it's pretty zoomed). I thought it would fix my hand blur issue, but my hands still blur in the video… My Canon 500D camera doesn't support 60fps, I really wish it did. *sigh*

Swordland (main Theme)- Sword Art Online Ost [piano]

Hey everyone, I have recovered from my left hand injury and can finally play the piano again, just in time for the start of the new summer anime season 2014!

This is also my 100th video upload and in order to celebrate this milestone, I've decided to upload a piano cover of one of the most epic Anime Soundtracks in recent history:

The Main Theme from Sword Art Online – Swordland!

In case you are wondering:
Yes, I have just rewatched SAO a few weeks ago, because I gave it another chance. I dropped this series back then at episode 12 because of… uh… various reasons.
Surprisingly, after finishing SAO, it wasn't as bad as everyone made it to be and to a certain extent, I really enjoyed this series.

Sword Art Online – Swordland Main Theme Piano Cover (animenz Version)

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Original Arrangement by Animenz:

How To Play – Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale – Catch The Moment (piano Tutorial Lesson)

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Sword Art Online Sao/刀劍神域 – All Op & Ed【piano】

Celebration of SAO 2nd Season!
In fact, I am considering whether should I transcribe this into sheet because these 4 popular song should have been transcribed by many other anime pianists already a year ago.

刀劍神域 2期紀念!

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Song list & Artist :
0:00 OP1 crossing field – LiSA
1:41 OP2 INNOCENCE – Aoi Eir
3:27 ED1 Yume Sekai – Tomatsu Haruka
5:51 ED2 Overfly – Haruna Luna
I discover that I bought a wrong type of mic last time…so the sound quality is still unsatisfied… I had brought another one and selling the wrong mic now.. I hope the new mic will arrive before my next video.
(Become poor again LOL)

No More Time Machine | Sword Art Online 2 Ed2 | Piano Music Sheets/楽譜 Available

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No more time machine ソードアート・オンライン 2 2nd ED ; SAO II Second Ending Piano Cover
►Original Artist: LiSA, KAYOKO
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►Music Sheets/Midi 『楽譜』:

Credit to raemz-desu artwork use:

Sword Art Online – Asuna’s Theme {grand Piano}

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This is my cover of Asuna's Theme composed by Fantasian94.