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Sword Art Online Ost – Beautiful Relaxing Piano Covers (full Album) ソードアートオンライン ピアノ Bgm

Relaxing Piano Covers by Cat Trumpet・Sword Art Online OST – Beautiful Relaxing Piano Covers (full album) ソードアートオンライン ピアノ
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She Is Still Sleeping – Sword Art Online [piano Tutorial] (synthesia) // Nadav Schneider

♫ Original Performance:
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Enjoy this beautiful song from the anime "Sword Art Online" arranged by Nadav Schneider!

Composer(s): Ryosuke Shigenaga

Arrangement © Nadav Schneider (2016)
Original Music © SME Records (2012)

“main Theme” Sword Art Online Soundtrack [piano Cover]

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This is the exact arrangement I played on the AniPiano 2014 Concert. I usually do a description describing my feelings for the song, but this time I'll let the music speak for itself~

Episode 2 just came out yesterday. …I really wish they speed up the pacing. The first two episodes could have been just one nicely packed episode.

Swordland (main Theme) – Sword Art Online [piano Tutorial] (synthesia) // Animenz

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Today I present you the awesome arrangement by Animenz of the main theme "Swordland" from the Anime "Sword Art Online". Enjoy!

Check out his performance:

Composer(s): Ryosuke Shigenaga

Arrangement © Animenz (2014)
Original Music © SME Records (2012)

Swordland (main Theme)- Sword Art Online Ost [piano]

Hey everyone, I have recovered from my left hand injury and can finally play the piano again, just in time for the start of the new summer anime season 2014!

This is also my 100th video upload and in order to celebrate this milestone, I've decided to upload a piano cover of one of the most epic Anime Soundtracks in recent history:

The Main Theme from Sword Art Online – Swordland!

In case you are wondering:
Yes, I have just rewatched SAO a few weeks ago, because I gave it another chance. I dropped this series back then at episode 12 because of… uh… various reasons.
Surprisingly, after finishing SAO, it wasn't as bad as everyone made it to be and to a certain extent, I really enjoyed this series.

How To Play Swordland On Piano (sword Art Online)

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I know this is something I don't normally do, but I havn't uploaded in awhile. So yea, comment below if I should do any more of these. If you think I should comment a song you want to see. Also I can show you guys how to make videos like these. CYA!

Sword Art Online – Swordland Main Theme Piano Cover (animenz Version)

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Original Arrangement by Animenz:

Sword Art Online – Swordland Animenz Ver. {piano}

This is my cover of Sword Art Online OST, Swordland, arranged by Animenz Piano Sheets.

I'm still self-taught, with 2 years and 1 month of experience now. Animenz's Swordland was one of the first few compositions I listened to before I decided to learn the piano. I remember I thought, "That left hand is crazy, and there are so many notes between the main melody too!? No way I can play this." I wanted to learn this when I only had one year of piano experience, but I pushed it back because I just never felt ready for it. Swordland certainly wasn't the hardest composition Animenz had arranged, but it was something I wanted to play since day 1. I can finally play it! Even though the tempo and the accuracy aren't completely there, the satisfaction is there. I believe Swordland is one of the hardest anime piano arrangements I have played so far.

Sword Art Online Ost – Swordland | Patreon Dedication #39 (piano Cover)

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Sword Art Online – Swordland (main Theme): Epic Piano Solo! [hd] // Kyle Landry

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Sword Art Online – Swordland (Main Theme) ソードアート・オンライン