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Pearl Concert Grand: Virtual Piano Walkthrough & Demonstration With Zircon


Pearl Concert Grand is the new flagship grand piano instrument from Impact Soundworks. Designed for the free KONTAKT PLAYER plugin, it features a deeply-sampled Yamaha C7 with four microphone positions, 8 dynamic layers, 2 round robin variations, chromatic sampling, key release noises,

This has become my new go-to piano instrument for all types of music, from EDM (atmospheric dream pianos) to orchestral, classical, jazz and much more.

Product Feature – What Is The Best Piano For Drama?

Join Christian Henson on his career-long quest to find the perfect virtual piano for drama. Trawling through Spitfire's large catalogue of pianos and faves from other developers does he find the 'perfect' match? If he does may we recommend he then turns his attention to putting some desperately needed practise in?