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Cours De Piano Gratuit En Ligne. Online Piano Lesson

Elena Gantchikova/ Alliancepiano in social networks


Bien à vous. Cordialement.
Yours. Cordially.

Elena Gantchikova
Born in Moscow and living in Paris, Elena Gantchikova is a high profile Franco-Russian musician.
She is an accomplished composer, piano performer, musicologist and educator.
She divides her time between music creation, piano performance, education, music and art journalism.
Music critic of opera, ballet and arts for major publications such as Belcanto and OperaNews, Elena is the founder and director of the International Institute for Musical Aesthetics InterIMEC and author of a vast catalogue of instrumental, orchestral, electroacoustic and mixed works.
Elena received musical education in both Moscow and Paris. She graduated from the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory with specializations in musical theory and composition, piano performance as well as conducting.
In Paris she studied with composer Gérard Grisey at the CNSMDP and also studied new technologies for composers at IRCAM (Institute for Research and Coordination Acoustic / Music).
She got a Master degree in musicology from the Sorbonne and DEA (diplôme d’études approfondies), followed by doctoral research in musicology of the twentieth century at IRCAM, CNRS ( French National Centre for Scientific Research) and EHESS (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales). Her advisor was Hugues Dufourt.
Later Elena did research at Paul Sacher Foundation in Basel (Switzerland), as well as archives of the University of Basel. Worked as composer-in-residence at IMEB (Institut international de musique électroacoustique de Bourges), at the Academy of Arts in Berlin and at the Technical University of Berlin.

Pearl Concert Grand: Virtual Piano Walkthrough & Demonstration With Zircon


Pearl Concert Grand is the new flagship grand piano instrument from Impact Soundworks. Designed for the free KONTAKT PLAYER plugin, it features a deeply-sampled Yamaha C7 with four microphone positions, 8 dynamic layers, 2 round robin variations, chromatic sampling, key release noises,

This has become my new go-to piano instrument for all types of music, from EDM (atmospheric dream pianos) to orchestral, classical, jazz and much more.

X Files Theme (mark Snow) Syntheway Realistic Virtual Piano, Magnus Choir (whistling) Vst Plugins

– X-Files Theme -Intro- (Mark Snow cover *) with Syntheway Realistic Virtual Piano VSTi software and Magnus Choir (whistling effect) hosted in Image-Line FL Studio.

Additional VST Plug-in:
– Background: Organux VSTi (Ethereal Organ preset)

Syntheway Realistic Virtual Piano VSTi

1) Realistic Virtual Piano is a acoustic grand piano emulation based on a Kawai and Yamaha Grand Pianos. Available in VST format for Windows computers.

Mozart – Turkish March (virtual Piano Cover)

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Virtual Piano, Turkish March, Mozart being played on virtual piano

The Ultimate Virtual Piano Comparison

SEE BELOW FOR PIANO LISTING AND TO SKIP TO VARIOUS PIANOS. LISTEN ON QUALITY HEADPHONES OR STUDIO MONITORS FOR BEST COMPARISON. I realize that it's impossible to have a perfect comparison in a format like this. I used a variety of velocity levels through the midi file to try to show off what each piano does with different dynamics at default settings. It's just an easy way to A-B test different pianos to see what you prefer when making a purchase.

The Grand 3 – The Ultimate Virtual Piano Suite

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With The Grand 3, Steinberg is presenting a premium collection of various piano models. Including recordings of three concert grand pianos, one electric grand and one upright piano plus a wealth of enhanced details, The Grand 3 is truly the deserved complement to your virtuosity.

Ragnarok Online – Theme Of Prontera (piano Cover)

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Such a fun song to play.

Original Composer: Lee Seock-Jin

Piano Lessons Singapore – Piano Lessons Singapore At 65615805

Piano Lessons Singapore

Are you looking for piano lessons in Singapore? You can get quality 1 to 1 lessons held at your house or the teacher's studio.

Be it for adults or kids, our piano teachers are experienced in sharing their knowledge with the students.

Our piano lessons Singapore are available in all districts in Singapore. Give us a call and we will arrange a suitable piano teacher for you.

Tove Lo – Habits (stay High) [piano/instrumental Cover]

So I came across this irresistably catchy track initially as a remix by Hippie Sabotage, but was curious to find out what the original sounded like. To no surprise, like most songs, I thought the original track, off of Tove Lo's 2013 debut EP "Truth Serum", was without a doubt the better jam all the way. I mean, any song that makes you unknowingly hum its tune while doing your chores has got to be a good jam.
Thus, this cover came to be.

Birdy – People Help The People (piano Instrumental Accompagnement Cover )

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Voici l'accompagnement de cette magnifique musique. Le liens de la partition est le suivant