Video Game Piano Songs

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i was gonna put up just halo by itself, but i remembered how much my old video game thing sucked so i decided to redo those songs. i also had about 350 comments on the other one informing me how much i suck at playing mario, so i left it out. songlist in order is

1. theme from Halo (i play under freegem sometimes on xbox live)
2. One winged angel – sephiroth's theme from final fantasy VII
3. Ukelele de Chocobo – chocobo song from Final Fantasy IX
4. main theme from Zelda
5. saria's song/lost village theme from Zelda, ocarina of time
6. mortal kombat
7. theme from james bond – goldeneye, tying halo for the best multiplayer evar
8. tetris
all ur base r belong to us, lol ;;' ;


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